Terms & Conditions
  1. The Customer agrees that entering of OTP sent by the bank for validation infers that customer has requested to avail the FasTag product of the Bank and authorizes the Bank to contact the customer through phone calls, email etc towards provision of the referred service

  2. The Customer hereby agrees and confirms that, the applicable Security Deposit, as decided by the Bank from time to time, shall be maintained as “Minimum Amount” in the Customer’s Account as per the applicable terms & conditions stipulated by Axis Bank and Customer shall ensure that, the said Security Deposit should not fall below the Minimum Amount. The customer also agrees to bear the charges for recharges based on the recharge mode chosen by the Customer. The charges are liable to be changed by the Bank from time to time.

  3. The Customer hereby agrees and confirms that, Axis Bank or Plaza Terminal will not be responsible towards any physical damage to the Tag in any manner whatsoever and that the Customer shall be solely responsible for any such damage or loss to the Tag.

  4. The Customer hereby agrees and confirms that, Axis Bank shall under no circumstances be held liable or responsible in any manner if, the Plaza Terminal is not functional or unable to read the Tag. In such cases, the customer will have to make Payment to the Toll Plaza via other modes such as Cash, etc;..

  5. The Customer hereby agrees and confirms that, Axis Bank shall have all the rights & authority in its sole discretion to flag the Tag in Blacklist, if the Customer fails to maintain the Minimum Amount in his/her Account or fails to comply with terms & conditions stipulated by Axis Bank and under the applicable laws.

  6. The usage of these tags on toll may receive incentives from Government Authorities. Axis Bank will pass on the cash back received to the Customer’s wallet, as and when received by the Bank. This incentive is a promotional drive by the Government and Axis Bank will not be responsible for the referred incentive from the Government and the time duration when the cash back is obtained.

  7. The Customer hereby agrees and confirms that, the balance maintained in his/her Account cannot be treated as security or deposit and the same cannot be pledged/charged as security for any loan or other services availed from Axis Bank or any other Bank/ Financial Institution in any other manner.

  8. The validity of the wallet and Tag is 5 Years from the date of issuance. However, the validity will be auto-renewed by the Bank every time on the expiry of the 5 years for a period of another 5 years. The Customer agrees to this auto-renewal and confirms that in case, the customer requires to stop the facility, he/she shall approach the Bank for closure of service.

  9. The Customer hereby agrees and confirms that, cash once deposited in the Customer’s Account cannot be withdrawn, except at the time of closure of said Account subject to the recovery of applicable charges/commissions/costs due to Axis Bank. The outstanding amount in the wallet would be transferred to the account of the customer with Indian Bank. No cash will be disbursed by the Bank.

  10. The Customer hereby agrees and confirms that by applying for Axis Bank Tag, Customer agrees to indemnify Axis Bank and its officials from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, damages, judgments, amounts paid in settlement and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees and reasonable disbursements at actual) (collectively, “Loss”) incurred by Axis Bank, to the extent suffered, as a result of, arising from, or in connection with or relating to or arising out of the use of the Tag by Customer. Customer also agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Axis Bank and its officials from and against any Loss incurred or suffered by Axis Bank as a result of Axis Bank providing its services in the form of Bank Account and any transaction made therein, to enable the Customer to utilize the Tag .

  11. The products & services provided herein by Axis Bank will be as per the applicable terms & conditions stipulated by Axis Bank and Axis Bank shall at its sole discretion reserves the right to modify/alter all or any of the terms & conditions, without prior notice or any reason whatsoever.

  12. The products & services provided herein shall be subject to applicable RBI guidelines and regulations, issued from time to time and other prevailing law and regulations in India.

  13. The Tag may be used for the purpose of making applicable toll payments as may be required by the relevant authorities at participating toll plazas on the highway through the ETC Lane provided at such Toll plazas. No Interest shall be payable by Axis Bank on the amount available loaded on the Tag.

  14. The Bank has hosted a dedicated 24 x 7 call center for this product. This team can be reached using toll free number 18004198585. The customer agrees to contact this call center for any assistance related to this product and confirms that the Service Request number would be obtained by him / her for all requests raised.

  15. If the Tag is lost or stolen, the tag member must file a report with the local police and should be able to produce a copy of the police report upon request by Axis Bank. The tag member must immediately report the loss / theft over the telephone to the customer care and / or lodge a complaint to the kiosk. Customer Care shall, upon adequate verification hotlist/cancel/suspend the tag and terminate all facilities in relation thereto during working hours on a working day following the receipt of such information and on request of the tag member and shall not be liable for any inconvenience caused to the Tag Member in this regard. The Tag Member shall take cognizance of the fact that once a tag is reported lost or stolen and is subsequently found, the same shall be promptly cut in half and adequate care taken to prevent its misuse. The Tag Member is responsible for the security of the tag and shall take all steps towards ensuring the safe keeping thereof. The Tag member will be liable for all charges incurred on the Tag until the Tag is reported Lost/ Stolen. In the event, Axis Bank determines that the aforementioned steps are not complied with, financial liability on the lost and stolen tag would rest with the tag member.

  16. In case the account remains unused for a period of 6 months with a negative balance amount, the tag account will be closed and the corresponding tag shall not be accepted at any toll plazas for the purpose of Payment of Tolls.

  17. On termination of the Tags, the total of all charges outstanding whether or not already reflected in the statement and the amount of any charges incurred after termination shall become forthwith due and payable by the Tag Member as though they have been so reflected and interest will accrue thereon as may be applicable as per Axis Bank Policy, Process from time to time.

  18. The Tag member is responsible for all transactions initiated by use of the Tag, accept as otherwise set forth herein. Each time the Tag Member uses the Tag at a participating toll plaza, he authorizes Axis Bank to reduce the funds available in the Tag Account by the amount of Transaction. The Tag Member is not allowed exceed the available amount in the Tag Account through an individual transaction or a series of transaction. Nevertheless, if a transaction exceeds the balance of the funds available, in the Tag Account, the Tag Member shall remain fully liable to Axis Bank for the amount of the Transaction. Axis Bank reserves the right to bill the tag member for any negative balance. The tag member agrees to pay Axis Bank promptly for the negative balance. Axis Bank also reserves the right to cancel/ terminate the tag, should the tag member create one or more negative balances with the tag.

  19. The Tag Member shall inform Axis Bank in writing within 15 days if any irregularity or discrepancy exists in the transaction / particulars of the Tag Account. If Axis Bank does not receive any information to the contrary within 15 days, it shall assume that the transactions are correct.

  20. Axis Bank shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the terms and conditions, features and benefits offered on the Tag including, without limitation to, changes which affect interest charges or rates and methods of calculation at any time. The balance available on the Tag shall be liable to be utilized for all charges incurred and all other obligations under the revised terms and conditions. Axis Bank shall notify/ communicate the amended Terms and Conditions by hosting the same on the Tag Website or in any other manner as decided by Axis Bank. The Tag member shall be responsible for regularly reviewing the terms and conditions, including ammendments thereto as may be posted on the Tag website and shall be deemed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions by continuing to use the Tags.

  21. The Customer confirms that the Vehicle Registration Number for which the Tag has been applied is being used by the customer and the amount pertaining to the Toll Passages done by the said vehicle can be debited to the Wallet that would be opened as a part of servicing this application form.

  22. The customer hereby consents that the physical RFID Tag can be delivered to the customer at the address mentioned in the application form or can be hand-delivered. Customer shall ensure that Tag is affixed to the vehicle bearing the same registration number as was mentioned in the application form. Customer confirms that any liability incurred from the Tag, to the extent of the Toll Transactions received will be borne by the customer. The Customer confirms that process of Tag Affixation is well understood and takes all responsibility toward Tag Damage or Incorrect Tag Affixation.

  23. The Customer is aware that the Online Portal has been provided by the Bank wherein the transactions of the wallet can be accessed. Customer agrees to report any issue with the Wallet Transactions within 3 days of the date of the transactions. In case, no dispute is reported, Bank shall assume that the wallet transaction is acceptable to the customer and there are no unanticipated concerns. Incase customer observes some unknown transactions in the customer wallet, it should be reported to the Customer service desk within 3 days. After due validation, Bank shall get the amount reimbursed from the Toll Plaza in due course.

  24. Bank reserves the right to consolidate the customer ID and update the KYC status if existing relationship found for the customer basis the PAN details mentioned.

  25. For Existing to bank customers, the bank will use details stored in the bank database for issuance of FASTag. The customer has the facility to auto debit the account for payment of security deposit and first recharge.

  26. For Existing to bank customers, the bank also provides auto debit facility which can be set as per the customer’s requirement at the time of issuance, The ‘minimum threshold’ is the amount that will trigger a reload of the wallet when wallet balance reaches this amount. The ‘maximum threshold’ is the amount that will be loaded every time the wallet balance reaches the minimum threshold. The customer confirms that the last updated auto debit will overwrite the old instructions for the wallet that is linked to the FASTag.

  27. I agree regarding the Min KYC wallet that monthly recharge limit will be applicable for a lifetime until the wallet gets converted to Full KYC from Min KYC and credit freeze will not be applicable in wallet if it is not converted to Full KYC from Min KYC status.